About us

Hello there. We recently launched this store because we wanted to help promote the work of our many talented friends, and also so that we could continue to invest in building out and operating Visual News.

You see, we launched Visual news in 2010 but we haven't ever taken monetization seriously, until this year (2016). We sort of just ran this pub because of our love for the design and art community, and because we wanted to help raise awareness for those who's work we respected. After having done this for six years, we decided that if we could figure out how to make a business out of this website, not only could we continue to run and operate this site, but we could do an even better job of celebrating creativity. 

Every time you purchase something in our store, you are supporting the artist who designed and produced the product, and you're also supporting Visual News. You are enabling us to continue to do what we love, and this is really cool. Literally, we couldn't do this with out you. 

Thank you for coming by our store, and for your support. 

- Jason, Josh, Ross and the Visual News family